November 6, 2013

Words of wisdom from the very great William Morris.



July 5, 2013

Well it could be said we’ve put our hearts & souls into plot2, with that in mind our naming of it seems quite fitting. A family name, William Soulsby Hedley was my great grandfather, a farmer turned master butcher – today we name our home…



March 11, 2013

Well the snow is here for much of this week, but undeterred Raisin and I set off for an onsite Monday morning meeting with Bob the builder and Architect John. It seems the building inspector isn’t happy with our open plan design – the lack of walls and doors means escaping from a fire isn’t meeting current regulations – solutions offered; an internal sprinkler system or an approved fire report survey… there must be a cheaper option surely? Oh and the mortgage company will no longer consider our application as we’ve passed foundation stage… I heart Mondays : (